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some severe storms over night. what is shaping up to be today? [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. >> and i am stan stovall. thank you for joining us this morning. >> the sec the forecast with tony pann. some damage overnight in some neighborhoods. >> some minor flooding problems going on. we could do it again in some areas later this afternoon and a receding. a flood watch is in affect. we should get through this morning without any of the rain. a mixture of clouds and some sunshine. it is kind of thick as far as the humidity. try this morning. into this afternoon, showers and thunderstorms will redevelop and some could be strong. high temperature near 88. wewe will check the forecast for
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the weekend in just a few minutes. >> good morning. the rain caused several down the trees. we have old york road, one lane is blocked near paper mill in the phoenix area. also in phoenix, all lanes are blocked because of another downed tree near jarrettsville pike. we have some fire activity in jarrettsville that has been happening near salem church and schuster church. we have an additional downed tree in howard county in the columbia area. this is their centennial lane. all lanes are closed. this is the major roadways -- their checking out ok. this is old court road. d things are looking good. this is 50 at sandy point. as you head on to the bay bridge, things are moving good in both directions.
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now is a good time to head to the beach. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> it did not last long but it did not take long for these storms to leave behind a lot of damage. >> for many mavericks, it will be a long and difficult cleanup. jennifer franciotti is live in dundalk with a look at the damage. >> we're on four seasons court or the heavy winds tore parts of the roofs off two of the units, two apartment buildings affecting 18 apartments. we will show you some of the damage. the storm took down trees and power lines and create little to no visibility for drivers. the result, a ceiling collapse for one woman. flooding for many residents at the four seasons complex. 12 units are affected in one unit. parts of the roof were blown off.
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>> i was just scared. my bge is out. i'm just scared. my children -- we don't have lights, we don't have any electricity. we're just flooded. nothing. >> not if -- talk about the calm after the storm. not affecting this guy. the red cross is helping the residents of the 18 units affected here. this is not the only. there received damage. the red cross is helping folks at halethorpe. you will see the result of last night's storm as you drive around. jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> thank you. firefighters spent the better part of the night battling a fire in jarrettsville. it was for spotted just before 2:00 a.m. in a single-family home on norrisville road. part of the home collapsed before crews got it under control. it is not known if the weather played a role in sparking that
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blaze. fire crews rushed to put out a blaze that started in the pigtown neighborhood. firefighters received the call just after midnight. they went to washington boulevard. this fire was contained in less than an hour. >> authorities are seeking access to the facebook accounts of phylicia barnes as they continue to try to solve the mystery of her disappearance. the fbi involvement is exploring a possible child pornography aspect of the case. the application is to seek access to her first name and facebook account as well as her relatives and four of the men's with baltimore ties. a man accused of murdering his fiancee and her daughter is now in custody. brian eggleston had been in the baltimore city detention center. counterpoised picked him up
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following his release. he is accused of shooting alicia avery and her daughter last month. >> another endorsement for the mayor. the injured dencatherine pugh ia scathing response. she was upset that she and other candidates don't have a ra chance to represent themselves. she said there was questionable behavior resulting in a tainted endorsement. it looks like it will be up to maryland voters as to whether the controversial dream act will become law. more the at 63,000 signatures have been certified to put the measure on the 20 cho general election ballot. supporters want voters to overturn the law that provides
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in the in-state tuition rates to undocumented students. >> the petition drive is over. now we have to fight the lies and the frivolous lawsuits that might be coming by the opposition. a lot of out-of-state money. when this goes on the ballot in november of 2012, the people once again will whin. >> this was the most successful petition drive in history. >> all eyes on the june employment numbers. wall street and the white house are hoping for improvement. kate amara joins us live with more on that. good morning. you have good news? >> of course it is good news is tempered by some bad news. the good news is most economists expect employers added about 100,000 jobs in june. that is a significant improvement from 54,000 in may. investors looking to friday's jobs data
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for more clues about the health of the american economy. >> there has been some positive signs. >> we have seen growing corporate profits and the japanese economy is recovering. >> employment in the u.s. should be going up and so there should be an uptick in that sector. >> big negative persist. stagnant home values and on ease already on result debt ceiling debate. >> a lot businesses are locked into capital investments. that in fact will also affect the decisions to hire people long-term. >> president obama plans to meet with congressional leaders to work on a deal. he called a similar meeting on thursday constructive. >> the parties are still far apart on a wide range of issues be quite republicans oppose tax hikes. the stomach is not good for the economy.
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>> great uncertainty for small businesses. >> weekly jobless claims fell and the private payroll firm adp believes 157,000 jobs were added last month, mostly the unemployment rate will remain at 91%. kate amara, wbal-tv 11 news -- will remain at 9.1%. it will take significant sustained growth with the comic adding at least 200,000 jobs every month to put a dent in the unemployment rate. >> kate amara, thank you. >> the final countdown is under way. weather permitting, atlantis will blast off for the final flight of the space shuttle era this morning. storms in the area put the
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possible bit of a lunch of 30%. the completion of the mission will mark the end of u.s. manned space flights for the foreseeable future. private companies will take over the business of getting cargo to orbit. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. with the loss of the shuttle program, do you think the government should continue to invest in manned space flight, or allow it to be privatized? you can share your response at and on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to 6:09. 69 degrees on tv hill. a small plane crashes into a hospital building. >> they are rolling out the red carpet in california as prince william and his wife make their first trip to the states as man and wife. >> the weather is dry in baltimore right now. we will check the seven-day forecast. >> some downed trees continue to
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cause problems. we will have the latest on that
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>> welcome back. 78 degrees downtown. it is dry in baltimore right now. that will change. the rain will come back this afternoon or this evening. there's a couple of sprinkles in some never was, especially up in southern pennsylvania. 71 at the airport. 70 in parkton. the dew point is around 70. the atmosphere is saturated.
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it is a tropical field. we have a front stalled across central maryland. that was the focus for the thunderstorms last night. low pressure is developing off to the west and producing showers and thunderstorms coming across portions of ohio, kentucky, and tennessee. this is moving to the east. if we get some sunshine, we could see severe weather later this morning and into this afternoon. it depends how much sunshine breaks to the clouds. there is the chance in the mid atlantic four some storms to produce wind gusts over 60 miles per hour and maybe some large help. we still have a chance to get some heavy rain. a flood watch is in effect for most of the area as we head into this afternoon and this evening. there could be some minor flooding. a pretty much dried for the morning commute. into the afternoon, showers and
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thunderstorms will be likely with a high temperature around 88 degrees. down to the ocean, thunderstorms will move and later this morning and into this afternoon and linger through tonight and tomorrow morning. it to clear up at the beach. you'll get some sunshine. that is the same story at home. we will one of bud dry weather on saturday, less humid conditions. 88 saturday. 91 on sunday. the next chance for rain will be late monday into tuesday. 6:14. >> those downed trees still causing a problem. we have several to talk about. two are in phoenix. old york road is shut down between paper mill and stockton road. a shutdown between pop for hill and jarrettsville pike because of another downed tree. hill. we hadoplar
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an additional down treat in colombia and in howard county. a shutdown at centennial lane. the major roadways are looking ok. seven minutes on 95 south between the beltway and 100. 895 southbound looking at eight minutes. no delays in to talk about. the northwest corner of the beltway is looking good. very light volume. this is 50 at sandy point. you should not encounter any delays on the bay bridge this morning. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. back to you. >> thank you. a bloody scene in michigan as a gunman kills seven people and leave police on a car chase. a standoff before taking his own life. police say rodrick dantzler shot and killed three people in one home and after a high-speed
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chase, broke into another home and held three people at gunpoint. one of the victims was an ex- girlfriend. they're still trying to determine a motive. the crew of a small plane are dead after slamming into a hospital in central california. this happened shortly after takeoff from a nearby airport last night. no one inside the building was injured. some 200 employees of the british tabloids are out of a job after rupert murdoch's's news corp. was shut down in the midst of a phone-tapping scandal. this has rocked london all the way to pull the. the tabloid is shutting down after reports it broke into the voice mails of war widows and a bribe police officers for information. several arrests are expected including that of david
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cameron's former spokesman. final edition will print on sunday. >> some homeowners struggling to keep their homes are getting some help. extending the time people out of work cadmus fha mortgage payments. that time were called to a full year. this only applies to fha-backed loans, about 40% of all active mortgages. here's a new option available at your local gm dealership -- car insurance. evers will get a yearlong car insurance program from met life at no charge. it covers liability and physical damage. working its magic on fans. more fliers have a bone to pick.
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jane king has more in the bloomberg business report. >> complain, complain. the transportation has more than 1000 complaints about airline service in may. is up nearly 21% from april. compliance were related to delays and missed connections. did not expect a luxury service if you're flying on air france. they are asking passengers to take out throwing trash. as for stocks, another winning day on wall street. we have strong jobs numbers from adp. tellers reporting strong june sales. the bloomberg maryland index carper on gains for black & decker. reporter taking london by storm. the franchise has taken more than $6 billion globally at the
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box office. the movie is sold out in more than 2000 showtimes across the country. a lot of people anticipating the new harry potter film. >> prince limp and his new bride arrived in the u.s. after nine busy days in canada at. >> they made a big impression, raising expectations for their first trip to america. tracie potts has more. >> for early canadian in their cowboy attire, william and kate opened the calgary stampede before heading to los angeles. >> it will be like a post card for los angeles. >> camera's fault there ever rude -- cameras followed their every move. now
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kids await their a few moments with rotate. >> fantastic. not a lot of people see. >> this painting is being sold to benefit charity. the first to show -- and his mother, diana. >> they are very much of the people. >> there is a reception and another at a private residence of the british consulate general. neighbors have authorize police to arrest trespassers. >> we have been planning a long time for this. >> people are excited. >> i think it is -- >> we welcome them with open arms. >> l.a. used to hollywood world to, but not the real thing.
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trace a's, wbal-tv 11 news. >> let's hope the trip is smoother than that tape. >> 6:20. said in the degrees on tv hill -- 70 degrees on tv hill. keith mills has more on the orioles. the reaction to the loss of the baltimore colts legend. >> don't forget to e-mail us your response to our water cooler question of the day. with the loss of the shuttle program, do you think the government should continue to invest in manned space flight, or allow it to be privatized? you can share your response at and on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to >> here is a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers.
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i'd like nonstop travel because it's quicker. because it's convenient. it's just the best way to go. keeps the cost down. [ male announcer ] southwest airlines has added new nonstop flights from bwi airport to south carolina. it means more time doing the things i want to do. it's easy. it's hassle-free. there's no headaches. [ male announcer ] fly southwest airlines' new nonstops from bwi airport to greenville-spartanburg and charleston, south carolina. i like nonstop travel because... you don't got any more stuff. [ laughter ] [ ding ]
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>> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> good morning. kim dacey checking on your morning commute. we still have some downed trees. several have been cleared from earlier this morning. a shutout in both directions between popular hill and jarrettsville pike. one lane of old york between paper mill and stockton wrote shut down because of a downed tree. in this city can we have a crash at mccallum and drive. dolphin street is closed for artscape going on. a few things to watch out for. the major roadways checking out
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ok. 56 on the j.f.x. heading south. a live look outside at the major roadways. the northwest corner of the beltway are looking good. this is 50 at sandy point across the bay bridge. both directions moving just fine. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> after the big storms last night, it has settled down. it is dry in most areas. it will be dry for the morning commute. 71 at the airport and 70 in westminster. dry to start out and then showers and thunderstorms will come back into the picture this afternoon and the seating. some could be strong. first, here is keith mills. >> thank you. good morning. the nfl owners and players try to put the finishing touches on a new contract. fans remember the great john
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mackey. john was the first head of the nfl players union. a pioneer. when a player he was. as a kid, i would wonder, can anyone tackle big number 88? rarely. was inducted into the hall of fame. he received his reign. what a night that was. ing.e received his r >> when john unitas drop back to throw early in the second quarter. his pass bounced off the intended receiver and was tipped by the cowboys mel renfro and caught by the colts john mackey. >> he could have ran from miami to tampa. nobody would touch him on the
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plight. colts won the game. the orioles tried to rebound from another long, agonizing night for the pitching staff. 10-4, orioles lose. jones.eadam home-run derby for the red sox. in the third, dustin pedroia. crockets that baby. 3-2 boston. the sweet swing of adrian gonzalez. a hitter. 5-3 sox. jacoby ellsbury. third home run of the game for boston. what a game. you can see buck's reaction. fill a buck showalter is -- that is the fifth home run for
6:28 am
boston. next batter, jarrod saltalamacchia. at is the homerun hat trick. six home runs on the night. zach britton starts five. we prefer to talk about john mackey. anytime you brought his statement to johnny unitas, he would say, i am glad he is on my team. >> pete gilbert allow more. to live. 6:28. so vinnie degrees on tv hill -- 70 degrees on tv hill. >> details next on the thunderstorms. >> we will have more on the loss of john mackey and a lasting impact he had on and off the impact he had on and off the
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>> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today. >> good morning, everybody. welcome back. i am stan stovall. >> and i'm mindy basara. thank you for joining us this morning. tony pann has a quick look at today's forecast. >> good morning. after the big storms last night, things have settled down. with the rain will come back
6:31 am
later this morning and this afternoon. by this evening, strong thunderstorms will probably develop again. a flood watch is in effect. high temperature, 88. we come back and i'll have good news for the weekend. >> daylight will soon provide residents in baltimore carry some clarity about the scope of the damage about last night's storms. >> jennifer franciotti is live with more on this story. >> good morning. in halethorpe, eight residents have been displaced. the red cross is helping folks. in dundalk, the storm was so strong, it blew parts of the roofs off of the two apartment buildings. >> basically you could not see much outside. the rain was so thinck. all you could see was big chunks of roof everywhere. everything was just flying everywhere. >> this woman is worried for herself and for her children after severe storms ripped
6:32 am
partial roofs off the buildings in the apartment complex where she lives on four seasons court. flooding and no power. >> i was just scared. my bg&e is out. i'm just scared. my children -- we don't have lights, we don't have any electricity. we're just flooded. nothing. >> heavy rains, hail, strong winds that came through this dundalk area knocked out power to a large vicinity. we got partial roofs off of two apartment buildings. 12 units are affected in one building. we have six units affected in the other building. >> the storms toppled trees and power lines and made driving through heavy rain a challenge. a leak and weight of the rain caused a ceiling to collapse, blanketing a woman's bedroom in wet insulation. >> it was leaking. he goes, "mom, i see something." we heard and ran out. that is when the whole ceiling fell down. >> back here live, you can see the partial roofs that is still lying on the front of the 3100
6:33 am
apartment unit. the red cross is helping folks in this area. the power has been restored. that is good news. 2500 still remain in the dark in baltimore county. b.g.e. is trying to work to get the power back on as quickly as possible. reporting in dundalk, jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> some good news in northeast baltimore as repairs have been made to a broken water main. skyteam 11 was over the scene as thousands of gallons of water spilled onto northern parkway. power was knocked out to the area. >> police have found the body of the boater who went missing. 25-year-old james kane was thrown from the boat july 4. his body was recovered yesterday. both men and were thrown in when the boat made a sharp turn.
6:34 am
>> this is a tough week for baltimore football fans who hold long treasured memories of the baltimore colts. john mackey died yesterday at the age of 69. pete gilbert has more on the man who also passed on quite a legacy off the field as well as on. [cheers] >> tight end john mackey. >> revolutionized, redefined, and run over. words and phrases to desicribe what john mackay meant playing tight end in the nfl. 38 times he reached the end zone, mostly by bludgening his opponents on the way. raymond barry appreciated how mackey dominated the game. >> when he caught the ball, he was -- the shoulders just started then. he could go with it. and also just a tremendous teammate. he had a great positive attitude. a real personable guy with a
6:35 am
great personality. he just was an unselfish individual. that was the hallmark of those colt teams. >> at the tail end of his playing career, mackey took up the fight for the players' union, laying the groundwork for today's life-changing salaries. demaurice smith said, "john mackey is still a leader. he led the fight for fairness with brilliance and ferocious drive." that is what made the last decade of his life so intolerable. mackey suffered from dementia. >> the injuries sometimes end a career, but they last for a lifetime. one of the things that comes to mind is nancy reagan wrote that when president reagan was suffering from alzheimer's, it is a very long, long goodbye. i think sylvia mackey right now can attest to that. it is been 10 years of a long goodbye for john. >> his pain was so thoroughly felt in baltimore because of
6:36 am
what he gave to the city, to our community. he shared his love for us in his hall of fame induction speech in 1992. >> the baltimore colts today. it makes me feel good when i look over there and i see colt corral. i see colt fans, colt fans, want you to know, i love you. >> pete gilbert, wbal-tv 11 news. >> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> good morning. kim dacey checking on your morning commute. still two down trees in the phoenix area in baltimore county. there is a closure near -- one getting by because of the downed tree. there's a crest at central and pennsylvania. because of artscape come we have a closure at dolphin street.
6:37 am
this is the beltway on the west side at frederick road on the southwest side. inner and outer loops of moving just fine. a little heavier but no delays to report just yet. this is the topside of the beltway. no delays. 95 check in of good as well. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> we will do the seven-day forecast this time. all was quiet after the big storms last night. 71 at the airport. humidity, 93%. thunderstorms are likely later this afternoon and this evening. we could see heavy rain. it should clear up over the weekend. the humidity will go down. 91 on sunday. something to look forward to for the rest of the weekend. >> thank you. 70 degrees on tv hill. no wedding date tears for these
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brides were in these dresses if they kno
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>> a bridge went out with a big bang yesterday. there she goes. demolition crews drop the bridge into the susquehanna river. hundreds of people came out to watch the action. they got quite a show. the steel will be salvaged. the new bridge cost $23 million to construct. >> some brides will not have to look far for tissues on their wedding day. they will be wearing them. is the seventh annual toilet paper wedding dress contest.
6:41 am
the dresses are judged on duty and originally. the grand prize winner one $1,000, which will go toward her wedding. she said her dress is made from toilet paper, tape, and hot coglue. is quite amazing. i don't know what you wear underneath that. definitely a slip. lookout intricate that is -- how intricate that is. >> 70 degrees on tv hill. will preview today's final flight of the space shuttle atlantis. we'll hear some of your answers to the water cooler question of the day. >> as far as traffic, we have several downed trees to talk about. we will update you on those. >> there would be in trouble if it rains. we have some more rain in our forecast later today.
6:42 am
some could be strong. we will talk about that and check the seven-day forecast. it is dry in baltimore city right now. 78
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>> welcome back. federal authorities are seeking access to the e-mail accounts of phylicia barnes. they continue to solve the mystery behind her disappearance and murder. the fbi's involvement is exploring a possible child pornography aspect of the case. the application seeks access to free e-mails accounts as well as her relatives and culture of the men with baltimore ties. it looks like it'll be up to maryland voters as to whether
6:45 am
the dream act will become law. within 63,000 signatures have been certified. voters will decide whether to grant in the state tuition discounts to the undocumented students. this was the most successful drive in state history. casey anthony will only have to remain in jail for nine more days. she was acquitted of murdering her daughter. she was sentenced to four years. she will be released on sunday, july 17. >> the space shuttle atlantis will be the final space shuttle to lift off from the kennedy space center. feeling began this morning. the launch team is board the weather could keep atlantis on the launch pad for another day. jay gray has the latest.
6:46 am
>> countdown has resumed. >> the countdown is clouded by concerns about the weather. >> the weather is not looking good for lunch. as you can see, the clouds have rolled in. we're starting to see some showers. >> cameras captured this lightning strike thursday afternoon. the weather is to not delay tanking procedures overnight. as many as 1 million spectators are expected to flood the coast for lunch. many camping out overnight for a prime spot in case the clouds break. >> to see it all live up. it is crazy, crazy good. >> as the clock continues to move, mission managers continued their final preparations, knowing the decision on the final shuttle flight may, from
6:47 am
mother nature. right now she is not cooperating. whether officers say the forecast is still 70% no go for launch later this morning. jay gray, wbal-tv 11 news. >> that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. >> this morning we asked -- with the loss of the shuttle program, do you think the government should continue to invest in manned space flight, or allow it to be privatized? >> are you talking about tony?
6:48 am
>> we will post more of your answers on the front page of >> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> good morning. kim dacey checking on your morning commute. we have several downed trees in the phoenix area that continue to be a problem. there's a shutdown near a jarrettsville pike. one lane of old york road is shut down near stockton road. in towson, a crash at central and pennsylvania. another in the city. dolphin road remains shut down because of artscape. a live look outside of the
6:49 am
southwest corner of the beltway at frederick road. it does not look like there are any delays within that volume. this is the topside of the beltway. inner and outer loops of the beltway are moving delay-free and without problem. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> we had some big storms last night. we saw from one to 3 inches of rain and some storm damage. it is dry right now. we should get to the morning commute without any promise. 70 in parkton. it is humid out there. a very tropical field. we have a front stalled across central maryland. that was the focus of the thunderstorms last night. low pressure traveling from the ohio valley and is producing some strong showers and thunderstorms across tennessee and ohio. those are headed in our
6:50 am
direction. the store prediction center thinks there's a slight chance we could see some severe weather in the mid atlantic region. that depends how much sunshine breaks to the clouds. it could bubble up the atmosphere and we get those stronger storms. maybe when gusts over 60 miles per hour and at large help. we could get some heavy rain later this afternoon and this meeting. a flood watch is in effect for most of the area. if we picked up to 6 inches of rain, there is no place for the water to go. a flood watch in effect for later today. it should be dry early this morning from most areas. showers will develop this afternoon and some could be strong. down at the ocean, showers and thunderstorms later this afternoon and tonight. they will linger into saturday morning at the beach.
6:51 am
the rain should end for us late tonight. dry weather on saturday and sunday. warm, 88 on saturday. 91 on sunday. the next train chance after this will be on monday and tuesday. >> thank you. the damage done during last night's severe weather. jennifer franciotti joins us live from dundalk with that story. >> if you wake up in carrol county, you know overnight we had some strong thunderstorms. the damage we're talking about in dundalk happened early yesterday evening. you can see this huge tarp covered an apartment building. the wind was so strong. it tore part of the roof off of two of the buildings at four seasons court. we are not sure the exact family member count at this point. we do know the red cross is
6:52 am
assisting several families, trying to find temporary housing. the strong storms toppled trees and downed power lines. about 2500 b.g.e. customers are still without power this morning. crews are trying to get power back on. in the halethorpe area, eight residents were displaced. red cross is helping out residents in that area. there was one woman we spoke with last night, the rain came down to have become it affected her ceiling. the installation went all over the bedroom. folks will spend today cleaning up. if you did not get the worst of the damage, you will see trees down. a lot of debris to clear up this morning. reporting live, jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> thank you. 70 degrees on tv hill.
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>> another downed tree affecting the harrisburg expressway. the ramp from shawan road is partially blocked because of a tree. another three is blocking a road near jarrettsville pike. another downed tree near stockton road. we have a crash and we will take a look outside at the west side of the beltway. frederick road is moving just fine.
6:56 am
>> it is quiet right now. we'll get to the morning commute ok. the rain will come back this afternoon. a flood watch is in affect. saturday and sunday should be dry. don't forget, tune to am 1090 to hear traffic and weather together on the fives. >> thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> we will be back with a live update at 7:25. >> have a good one. >> follow breaking news and weather any time at, and stay connected with us on facebook and twitter.
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>> this is a wbal-tv 11 editorial, from president and general manager dan joerres. >> since enhanced transportation security administration procedures were put in place a decade ago, life has changed for the flying public. the tsa has been reduced by the politicians who voted for the system. and mocked by the cast of "saturday night live." this is a security was needed. this system was designed for that reason. subsequent acts lead to the requirement for us to remove our shoes and to submit to pat- downs. we recognize the goal is safety for all of us. recent incidents of a thorough search of a child are selling
6:58 am
the reputation of the tsa. administrators say the procedures are being followed and they are for the protection of the public. it is in the best interests of passengers and the authorities to follow their procedures and in the best interests of the passengers to cooperate. what we hope is that callmer heads will prevail. we all remember the friendly skies and we want to keep them that way.
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